Why Join KarNet?

Are you looking for an opportunity to join a wide network of business owners and guarantee your own business growth? Would you like to increase your sales in a very short period of time?

Do you want to have continuous access to up-to-date and relevant educational programs and exclusive resources while connecting with more members of your community?  

If the answer to any of the above questions for you is yes, then you should seriously consider joining KarNet.

Benefits of KarNet Membership

By joining KarNet, you’ll have the opportunity to expand and grow your business while developing your personal and professional skills.

KarNet members can expect to enjoy many benefits, including:

  • The opportunity to develop your personal and professional skills through KarNet’s special educational programs.
  • Expanding and growing your business by connecting to a wide network of Farsi-speaking business owners around the globe.
  • Getting access to exclusive resources that are available within KarNet and use KarNet to connect with resources external to it.
  • Establishing valuable social connections while expanding and developing your business.

What are the benefits that members receive by joining KarNet?

  1. Enjoy two-way road business by giving and receiving referrals that will provide visibility and the opportunity to close more deals.
  2. Get coached and trained on how to effectively pitch your business, master presenting your business and essential business-related skills through the KarNet Pro program.
  3. Expand and grow your business by connecting to our wide network of Farsi-Speaking business owners locally and around the globe.
  4. Receive special peer mentoring on referral marketing from trained and talented KarNet experts.
  5. Get access to exclusive resources that are available inside and outside of KarNet.
  6. Establish valuable connections in society while expanding and developing your business.